«What respect for parents looks like»: The praiseworthy act of singer Shakira to kiss her 91-year-old father’s legs touched everyone

Shakira’s fans were moved by the footage where she kissed her old sick father’s legs

Perhaps, not all of you know that well-known and successful singer Shakira’s 91-year-old father is seriously ill and is now in hospital. The outstanding star has recently showed her parent moving in a wheelchair and broke the hearts of her followers.

In the touching video she has recently shared with her fans we can see her kissing her seriously sick father’s legs. This deeply moved everyone on social media.

«This is what respect for parents looks like», «You deserve everything on Earth», «Your dad is lucky to have you», «My heart has just broken into thousands of pieces».

«What a praiseworthy act», «How fast time flies! Is he really 91 now?», «I changed my mind about being childfree».

Are you a fan of this Colombian singer? Would you act the same way?

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