What do the parents of two albino sisters look like? You can not believe your eyes!  

How such things happen!

Meet these two amazing sisters named Assel and Camila, who are people’s favorites both in real life and on social

media. Everyone is attracted by their beauty and express their admiration by writing many nice comments under their pictures.

They were born in Kazakhstan and are considered the only albinos there, that’s why they enjoy popularity throughout the world.

The 15 and 2 years old sisters have thousands of followers on Instagram, and it’s not surprising because they are really fantastic.

They are at the center of fashion publications’ attention and get a lot of offers to take part in many shows or films in famous magazines. However, these beauties have already become famous models.

The most amazing thing is that their parents were shocked when they were born, because they had never expected children with such appearance. The mother of the girl has some albino relatives, so they are probably like them.

At first, the elder sister was ashamed of her appearance, thinking that it was a disadvantage, but her parents claimed the contrary, so she started to love herself.

They also have a brother, 9-year-old Aldiyar, but surprisingly, he is not like his sisters. At first, the boy didn’t accept his sisters, thinking that they weren’t his sisters. But his mother explained to him in detail, what albinism is. But now he is quite proud of them and thinks that they are really unique.

The girls must protect their skin from the sun, because it’s very sensitive and can be harmed easily. And also they have poor eyesight, so need to wear glasses.

Their fans are captured by their uniqueness and wait for a new post each day.

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