«What a pity to see our idol weaken»: Towering actor Willis has lately been spotted walking with his friends in Santa Monica

Being diagnosed with non-temporal aphasia, Willis saddened the fans with his aged look

However astonishing it may seem to many, one of the legendary and leading actors of our time has been diagnosed with aphasia at the age of 67. The cult film star had no choice but to put an end to his drizzling acting career and be taken care of by his family.

This serious disease affects the prominent actor’s brain gradually worsening his abilities to speak and memorize things. Recently, the family of the great man sadly announced that dementia he has been diagnosed with is non-temporal.

These days, the eminent actor has been spotted walking leisurely with his friends in Santa Monica, California. Willis was in a blue sweater, black joggers, a woolen hat and sneakers.

The last time the actor was seen before this was in January before his family regretfully announced his retirement and the growing progress of his terrible disease. According to the Daily Mail, he still remains a devoted husband and a caring father.

As the family of the legendary actor claims, dementia is a dreadful illness and absolutely everyone is subject to be affected by it. Currently, there is no treatment but everyone is hoping for the best.

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