«We don’t call him the hottest man for no reason»: New photos of great film star Hugh Grant let no one remain indifferent

Actor Hugh Grant, who used to win millions of female hearts, has noticeably aged

It is not a secret that prominent and successful actor Hugh Grant has always been considered one of the main heartthrobs and the symbol of male attractiveness. There was no girl and woman who could resist and not to fall in love with the iconic actor.

He, undoubtedly, has his own place in world cinema having excellently played in a number of great films.

It is relevant to mention that millions don’t call him the most attractive male of our time for no reason. The whole thing is that Grant could win hearts of almost all viewers with his charisma, brilliant acting skills and attractiveness.

However surprising it might seem to some, the legendary movie star is already 62 and one can say that time has been merciless towards the man. Many are disappointed in the way the main heartthrob has changed over years.

Unlike many, the prominent actor is strongly against undergoing any cosmetic surgeries or beauty injections. Instead, Grant completely accepts his age-related changed holding the opinion that there is nothing terrifying in ageing.

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