«Unrecognizable in real life»: The paparazzi photos of Hollywood actress Kunis revealing her natural look surprised the fans

The fans hardly believed that the unkempt woman in these photos is Mila Kunis

An ordinary girl from Chernivtsi has managed to gain overall fame and become one of the best-known and most influential actresses in Hollywood.

Unlike many other celebrities, this charming and talented actress doesn’t even try to hide her origin and roots being sincerely proud of her culture, nationality and her native country where she spent her whole childhood.

Recently, paparazzi photos of the Hollywood actress have been shared on social media revealing the entirely natural look of the star. There was no ounce of cosmetics or any other preparedness.

Though many were delighted with her rare beauty, some were quick to criticize her for looking unkempt and clumsy.

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