«Uncovered her main beauty secret»: Director of Clinical Services Sheena Cole shared her beauty secrets and left everyone speechless

Here is the beauty secret of 56-year-old Sheena Cole who looks 20 years younger

However difficult it might seem to believe, Sheena Cole is already 56, while the director of Clinical Services looks at least 30 years younger.

The charming woman manages to retain her stunning and attractive body, unearthly charm, spectacular gait and elegant posture. According to her, every single woman can effortlessly reach such desirable results.

Cole is convinced that a balanced lifestyle and regular routine skin care are the fundamental keys to fighting ageing process. She daily wears sunscreen so as to keep her skin safe from the UV rays.

Sheena admits. «My image influences how other people see me. I start to seem even younger as soon as I leave the home wearing denim shorts and barely any makeup».

She strongly advises others to turn to extreme limitations and include workouts in their daily routine. She, in her turn, works out every single day and isn’t going to stop.

The charming woman added, «Even my friends frequently inquire as to my secret. I owe a lot to genetics, to be honest. My parents always had wonderful looks.

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