Turn on their favorite song and this mother and her son know what to do

The scene of a mother-son dance blew up the internet

We all have many problems, some of which we manage to overcome, while the rest remain unsolvable. Each of us has his/her own way to get rid of stress: reading books, watching TV, walking and other activities can help us feel relaxed.

Our today’s heroes know what to do to get rid of daily problems and just have fun. They choose dancing, which not only makes them happy, but also entertains the whole family.

The scene of an amusing dance between Lance and his mother Lucy blew up the whole internet.

One night when Lucy said that she wasn’t tired and didn’t know how to sleep, her son found the best way to make her sleep easily.

Their favorite song came on and the father of two adorable children took his mother’s hand and they started dancing crazily. The whole family was standing by their side and recorded the scene.

Just after the dance, the video was shared on social media and was seen millions of times. Many netizens expressed their amazement about the couple’s wonderful dance.

At the end of the dance, the mother said something funny that made the whole family laugh.

Here is the video of their amusing dance:

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