This is what the girl who was voted the most beautiful girl in the USA at a young age looks like  

No games, no friends, no childhood, but great fame

Eden is the name of this little beauty who has started modeling life since the beginning of her life. At the age of 4, she won 300 beauty contests for children and was considered the most beautiful girl in the USA.

She began to participate in different contests and was invited to many shows and interviews. So she didn’t have enough time for games, friends and toys like other children of her age.

She didn’t need to make friends as she only had competitors. Her day consisted of a rigid schedule. She must get up early, have a quick breakfast and hurry to a beauty salon.

Now she is 14 years old and stopped participating in beauty contests. Her dream is to become a star and she is doing her best to achieve her goal. Her mother is her supporter and helps her in her new career.

Despite it, Eden is a good student and studies quite well at school. She attends dancing courses, plays guitar and enjoys an active school life.

She managed to become a model at New York Fashion Week.

Now Eden earns a lot of money and provides herself and her family with everything they need.

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