«The world is turning upside down!»: The «fashionable ensemble» of Kendall Jenner was appreciated by far not everyone

Kendall Jenner faced harsh criticism for her unusual look in pantyhose and a sweater

Nowadays, even the most unusual, eye-catching and revealing outfits considered to be ultra fashionable and «grandiose», already ceased to be unacceptable and something surprising. One of the recent looks of celebrity Kendall Kardashian caused a stir.

Her unusual and extravagant look in public was appreciated by far not everyone. Many even rushed to ironically say that she forgot to put on the lower part of her extremely «fashionable» ensemble or just didn’t mind appearing only in tights.

However, it goes without saying that only a few could remain indifferent towards the toned and slender legs of the iconic star. Her confidence and spectacular gait didn’t let anybody remain indifferent.

Yet, Kendall faced harsh criticism from a number of conservative passers-by and network users.

«This is what fashion looks like today», «Stop normalizing half-naked looks», «The world is turning upside down», «It is going to be considered normal in 10 years time».

«No question. Her legs drive me crazy», «I think it’s already too much».


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