«The Universe itself wanted them to be together»: No one remained indifferent toward the adorable children of Momoa and his wife

Here are exclusive photos of Aquaman’s and his wife Lisa Bonet’s adorable children

However surprising it might seem, the well-known actor promised himself to find this stunning-looking woman whom he once saw on TV as a child. The man kept his word and found Lisa Bonet making her his future wife over 18 years later.

It was with the help of their mutual friend that they first spoke to each other and since then the couple has been inseparable till today often being called one of the most exemplary and beautiful spouses.

It should be stated that L. Bonet is 12 years older than him, whereas their big age gap failed to prevent them from being happy together. The spouses have had two adorable children so far who undoubtedly inherited the best from their parents.

Regardless of the announcement of their breakup, the fans hope that the legendary spouses will soon get back together.

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