«The transformation of the year!»: The phenomenal makeover of this overweight woman left the world speechless

After losing over 350 pounds, this overweight woman changed beyond recognition

Although this woman is only 34, in the green years of her life, she has always suffered from overweight and struggled her whole life. Her abnormal hunger for cakes and fast food made her quickly gain weight at an unsustainable rate.

After many attempts to go on diets and trying to go in for sports, she finally realized that it was high time to take some action, otherwise her excess weight would cause many problems that would become even life-threatening for her.

At that time, believe it or not, she weighed 650 pounds and could barely move or do elementary things without somebody’s assistance. Even getting out of bed was an experience for her. But her parents didn’t think it was worthy worrying about.

The popular program «My entire 661 pounds» helped her a great deal radically change her lifestyle and lose weight. The program gave a hand to those who suffered obesity and couldn’t control their desire for food.

Though her path was full of obstacles and failures, she, eventually, managed to face her problem and, with her strong will-power and operations, Nikki now weighed only 198 pounds. Whereas she is not fully satisfied yet and keeps doing regular exercises.

Luckily, she met Marcus who was also attending the gym. They two fell in love at first sight and are now married.

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