The touching reaction of a deaf baby listening to his mother’s voice for the first time

Emotional video showing the baby’s reaction and emotions 

It is always interesting and exciting watching first expressions and reactions, especially if it regards kids. This touching story became popular in 2017. The video shows the small deaf baby listening to his mother’s words, I love you for the first time.

There are many sayings, that the mother and the baby had an unexplainable connection. And the video shows it, as it appears that the baby told him something very sweet and emotional.

And it was also captured, that when the baby hears for the first time he immediately changes. It was the most touching thing both for the mother and the baby, as they waited for it for a long time. But maybe it was very hard for the mother. But the baby’s reactions were adorable and completely it was a very special moment for him too.

Watch the video below to show his adorable reaction. Enjoy the video and share it with your friends and family.

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