«The sincerity of his feelings is in question»: Cult American singer Cher made appearance with her young fiancé

76-year-old Cher passionately kisses her 36-year-old fiancé in front of millions

To everyone’s surprise, the American-Armenian singer appeared in a rather bold and unexpected way. She proudly showed her boyfriend who has proposed the iconic singer. It seems as if the big age gap is not a problem for them at all.

Cher has recently caused a stir coming to a remarkable event with her young chosen one. No one could pass by such a non-standard couple and they quickly became the subject of heated discussions.

«They look like a granny and her grandson», «One question. Why?», «Is she actually sure of the sincerity of his feelings?», «Another attention seeker».

«I didn’t think women are so easy to deceive», «Who’s gonna tell her?», «This guy wants to become famous at all costs», «There are few iconic singers like her».

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