«The Pretty Woman in the 1990s and now»: No one remained indifferent seeing how Hollywood actress Roberts has changed over years

The exclusive photos of the «Pretty Woman» star in a bikini surprised everyone

Despite the fact Hollywood actress and the leading character of the cult movie «Pretty Woman» is already in her 50s, she never ceases to pleasantly surprise her fans who continue to admire her. These days, Roberts has been spotted while being on vacation.

It stands to reason that the exclusive photos of the outstanding actress in a two-piece swimsuit didn’t let anyone remain indifferent. The opinions of the network users were again divided.

There were a lot of nice complements and sincere words of delight addressed to the charming and overall-recognized actress.

Whereas some couldn’t remain silent admitting that in their opinion Roberts gained excess weight particularly in the area of her stomach and hips.

Are you a fan of Roberts? Have you watched «Pretty Woman»?

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