The marriage of a 29 years old girl and 80 years old granny blew up the internet  

For many it’s still a mystery!

When this girl refused from her youth because of an 80 years old man, many people were surprised. No one understood why she made such a shocking decision.

Now read their love story and express your opinion about them as a couple.

The girl’s name is Terzel and she met her future husband at an event in 2016, and it became fatal for them.

At that time Terzel worked as a journalist and she captured the granny’s attention at once. When he spotted that the girl was alone, rushed to speak with her. Since then their bond continued.

Wilson, the old man, was already married, but his wife passed away in 2002 and for 15 years he stayed loyal to his beloved wife. But Terzel’s arrival completely changed his life.

The girl’s mother was not against her daughter’s choice and supported her till the end. Wilson has children who also agree with their father’s decision despite the fact that their stepmother is younger than them.

They organized their wedding quickly and it blew up the whole internet. The couple got many negative comments from netizens who claimed that she did it only for money.

However, Terzel and Wilson remain loyal to each other and have a happy life together.

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