«The hottest actress in archive photos»: These exclusive childhood photos of American actress Johansson raised questions

Here are rare archive photos of little Scarlett Johansson before she rose to fame

One of today’s most renowned and successful Hollywood actresses is S. Johansson who has widely been believed to be the world’s most attractive actress for men. This is what the outstanding movie star looked like in her early childhood.

In these rare photos, it is hardly possible to recognize the future celebrity since here she is still too young and has many years ahead before rising to fame.

«Sorry, is this Johansson?», «A unique girl», «Here she has no idea that she is a future world-class star».

«It is hard to pass by such an indescribable beauty», «What an ordinary girl she used to be», «I don’t see anything special and unique here».

«Why do millions consider her unique?», «I can’t understand the hype around this American actress».

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