«The Hachiko star is unrecognizable»: Legendary actor Gere has noticeably aged and looks unrecognizable in his fans’ eyes

The fans hardly recognize the star of «Hachi: A Dog’s Tale» in the recent photos

However surprising it might seem, the favorite actor of millions has noticeably aged and changed beyond recognition in the eyes of some of his fans. R. Gere has recently turned 73.

The iconic star of «Hachi: A Dog’s Tale» shared an exclusive photo with his father who, believe it or not, has already turned 100.

The «Pretty Woman» star managed to greatly surprise his fans with his current appearance. The netizens wish the great film star health and family happiness.

It is worth mentioning that he has married for the third time in April, 2018.

They organized their wedding in Spain and, already in 2019, had an heir, an adorable boy who was named Alexander.

Unlike many people’s confident claims, even the big age difference between the spouses failed to prevent them from creating a strong and exemplary family.

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