The funny reaction of a baby hearing another baby’s laughing. The video is adorable

The video of a little baby, that will make you smile

Babies are very sweet and innocent creatures, that always discover the surrounding world. And it is very interesting following their actions and considering what they would do.

The amusing video became popular where the baby’s reaction was captured hearing another baby’s laugh. Many people would like to know what was going on his head and what he was thinking. But it will be unknown.

When his mother turns on another baby’s laugh he becomes frightened and starts crying. And his parents were happy being able to capture the amusing video!

They shared the video on Youtube 12 years ago. They didn’t expect it would become popular, but soon it reached 42 million views.

You can also watch the adorable video. It will make you smile and you can also share it with your friends. Enjoy it.

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