The evolution of the «Titanic» star: The fans of Hollywood actor DiCaprio were not ready to see their idol with a big belly

The iconic star of «Titanic» has radically changed and is not the same heartthrob

Not long ago, the paparazzi were lucky enough to catch the legendary «Titanic» star enjoying his time together with his new lover on vacation. There is no need to say that the prominent actor’s fans were glad to see their idol happy and relaxed.

However, the great actor’s recent and radical body changes didn’t let anyone remain indifferent. The paparazzi photos quickly spread and some rushed to compare DiCaprio with «beer belly» because of his plumpness and lack of attractiveness.

«I can’t believe my eyes!», «I don’t think there is love between them», «I am wondering what this youthful girl found in this fat and aged man?».

However, many are convinced that if we compare him with many other celebrities, his co-stars and colleagues, he still remains one of the most attractive men of our era.

Do you think the «Titanic» star has changed beyond recognition?

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