«The biggest infant in history»: This is how the unique baby boy who was born weighing 7 kilos has changed over the years

The birth of this unique newborn weighing over 7 kilos became a real sensation

Here is K. Robert Clark born in 1983 who has been regarded the biggest infant in history. The life story of this unique baby caused a stir and quickly became the subject of heated discussions.

The mother of this child actually anticipated that the child would weigh a lot since she had other babies and they were also large. Yet, she didn’t expect that the boy would weigh this much. This actually sounds insane.

Once they took him home it was soon found out that his clothes didn’t fit him at all and that the baby bed was also too small for him. Already at the age of 12, Kevin’s height was 152 cm.

According to his parents, the most challenging part of his upbringing was finding appropriate clothes

When he was already grown up, his parents insisted him on playing some sports, particularly basketball. However, he took more interest in such pastime activities as hunting and fishing.

He then became a state police officer. Now that he is 39, his weight is 136 kg and his height exceeds 190 cm. He doesn’t like to be in the spotlight since he is already sick and tired of all those jokes and criticism.

What concerns the personal life of Kevin, he has found the love of his life and lives in a mansion. When he is asked «Do you play basketball?», he ironically replies with another question «Do you play mini gold?».

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