The «Beverly Hills 90210» actresses then and now: Here are Spelling and Garth from the popular TV series after years

This is how Donna and Kelly from the series «Beverly Hills 90210» have changed

After the cult and popular TV series, talented actresses T. Spelling and J. Garth not only became close friends, but also gained overall fame for their roles as Donna and Kelly. Even today, they are often seen together.

Their magnificent look on a show held in Las Vegas drew absolutely everyone’s attention. They wore gorgeous black dresses from the same brand and looked amazing.

Garth took part in some movies and TV shows after the series. The gifted actress’s third marriage was with actor D. Adams who were about to break up in 2018. However, they could make it out and reunited in 2019. She has three daughters.

What concerns T. Spelling, she is the heiress of the producer of the series Aaron Spelling. Tori played a role as a naïve nice teenage girl who becomes friends with the most popular girl at school, that is Kelly.

After the release of the series, she brilliantly played in many films and later launched her own line of jewelry. She published a book titled «Tales of TORI» which became the New York’s bestseller winning the best Celebrity Autobiography award.

Currently, she lives with her husband with whom she raises the five children.

It is apparent enough that these two charming actresses and close friends have a lot in common and still look their best.

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