«She put everything on display»: The exclusive archive photos of Loren became the subject of heated discussions

Rare photos of young Loren in see-through bodysuits and with unshaved armpits

It stands to reason that even world-class and overall-recognized celebrities also face harsh criticism and judgment. This mainly relates to those who find enough courage and, without even thinking twice, to appear in revealing outfits or disclose their flaws.

You have probably heard for multiple times that in the past girls and women were much more modest and behaved in a decent way. However, some «spicy» photos of iconic stars periodically appear proving that even at that time there were some bold women.

One of those daring and «innovative» women is Italian-French actress S. Loren who, without even being afraid of possible criticism, put «everything» on display.

Here are some of her archival photos that literally left everyone speechless.

What is your opinion about these exclusive photos?

Do you know anyone who is also for unshaved armpits?

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