«She looks like million dollars»: Mexican actress Salma Hayek often highlights her spectacular appearance with colored diamonds

Hayek’s magnificent look with luxurious diamonds on her neck delighted everyone

There are a lot of great films brilliantly starred by this incredibly talented, successful and charismatic actress from Mexica. Among them one can single out «Frida», «From Dawn to Dusk» and many others.

Though she is now actively engaged in producing and directing, Hayek still continues her drizzling acting career. One of the recent projects is the movie «Eternal Chloe Jao» which soon will be released and is starred by Hayek and other Hollywood stars.

It is worth mentioning that it was in 2009 that the Mexican beauty married a French billionaire. However surprising it might seem, the spouses are still inseparable and often become attenders of social events and various shows.

It is not a secret that almost each and every look of the outstanding actress is adorned by luxurious jewelry that give her even more charm. Very often, our Mexican beauty completes her spectacular appearance with colored diamonds.

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