«She knows how much he loved her»: Paparazzi have recently caught prominent actor Heath Ledger’s teenage daughter

This is how the 17-year-old daughter of renowned actor Heath Ledger looks now

From the early years, Heath Ledger knew that he would dedicate his life to acting and did everything he could for the sake of his cherished dream. Shortly after Ledger moved to Hollywood, he became in-demand and popular.

Among the films the great actor starred are «10 Things I Hate About You», «The Patriot», «A Knight’s Tale», «The Dark Knight» and «Brokeback Mountain».

In pursuit of his successful acting career, he met the love of his life, actress Michelle Williams. Their first encounter was on the set of Brokeback Mountain. On October 28, 2005 the couple had a daughter – Matilda Rose Ledger.

Though the spouses, unluckily, broke up in 2007, he remained the same caring and devoted father. Of course, he felt sad about the fact that he didn’t take her to school, accompany her to the alter, and so on. In 2008, the actor was found dead in his flat.

When Ledger died, Matilda was only 2. Since she was being raised away from the paparazzi and public, these photos immediately became the subject of discussions.

Currently, Matilda is 17 and lives with her mother, her new husband Thomas Cale and her little siblings.

According to insiders «She knows how Heath died and how much he loved her. Not to mention how much his family loves her and that their doors are always open for her».


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