«She has no equals!»: The provocative photo shoot of Lopez for her upcoming collection became the subject of discussions

Lopez in a bold bodysuit and shimmering sandals from her collection surprised the fans

The iconic star of «My Pirate Wedding» successfully took part in an advertisement campaign of the new line of her shoe collection with Revolve. The celebrity has long been working hard on this project together with Kendall Jenner.

The first mind-blowing look of the 53-year-old star in a total-back outfit with silver high-platform sandals adorned with shimmering stones became the subject of heated discussions.

Her next image in a revealing bodysuit with high cutouts didn’t let any single one remain indifferent. The transparent skirt she was wearing gave her a more provocative look. Many paid much attention to her perfectly straightened hair as well.

After posting the photos, she expressed her endless love for those shoes and didn’t miss the chance to promote her upcoming album «This is me now».

Though many rushed to accuse her of altering her photos with Photoshop, Lopez often shows her entirely natural look with no makeup and even right after taking a shower.

She promoted her own skincare brand named JLO Glow as well.

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