«Nothing on Earth can distort her beauty»: The way iconic Hollywood actress Roberts looks without makeup surprised the fans

The recent paparazzi photos of the «Pretty Woman» star let no one remain indifferent

Most of us are accustomed to seeing our idols always beautiful, young and charismatic. But we should bear in our mind that all is permanent and time changes everything and everyone. The idol of millions is Hollywood film star J. Roberts.

Recently, the «Pretty Woman» star has been spotted by paparazzi who managed to take photos of the actress sharing them on the web. The shots left everyone speechless since people were hardly ready for this. The iconic star pleasantly surprised the fans.

It was quite clear that the Hollywood diva was without any makeup and hairstyle and her appearance, to some extent, caused confusion and disagreements. In many fans’ eyes the legendary movie star has changed beyond recognition over the past years.

Her loyal fans couldn’t stop admiring the beauty claiming that nothing on Earth, even ageing, can spoil her unearthly beauty.

Some were convinced that she is definitely doing the right thing flatly refusing to turn to plastic surgeons, instead, choosing to age naturally.

«I wish I looked this good in my 50s».

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