«Nothing left of the Italian beauty icon»: The recent appearance of legendary actress Bellucci disappointed the fans

The fans hardly believed that the aged and wrinkled woman in these photos is Bellucci

Unlike the fans who can’t stop sincerely admiring and completing the cult Italian movie star, the haters and ill-wishers never miss a chance to find something to criticize her for.

After the recent paparazzi photos, it was really hard to believe that it is actually Bellucci since folds, deep wrinkles and other age-related changes were already visible to the naked eye. «Now it is clear why Cassel left her».

«Her neck and hands are already betraying her age», «Age is already showing itself», «I wish I looked this good with 60», «There is no question that she still remains the icon of millions», «I didn’t expect to see this».

«Wow! You are the best out of the best», «You, anyway, never cease to delight us».

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