«Nothing left of Pretty Woman!»: Far not everyone appreciated how Hollywood star Roberts looked in a bodysuit

This is how the iconic star of the film «Pretty Woman» has changed over the years

Many can hardly believe that the star of the legendary film is already in her 50s since the iconic woman still looks enchanting and quite attractive. The recent photos of the outstanding actress in a bodysuit have recently been shared.

The opinions of the network users are again divided. Some are convinced that she still looks amazing and much younger. Whereas the rest holds the opinion that she could have looked much better and there is nothing left of the former beauty.

This is how the celebrity was captured in paparazzi photos on vacation. The bikini body didn’t let any single one remain indifferent towards the iconic film star.

«Stop criticizing her! Far not everyone looks this good in their 50s», «No one is getting younger over the years. What did you expect from her?».

We are waiting for you in the comment section! Do you think she still looks attractive?

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