«Modesty? No. I haven’t heard about it»: Iconic model Bella Hadid was heavily criticized for her recent provocative photos

One of the world’s highest-paid models showed her body in a mesh transparent top

Such a drizzling modeling career that B. Hadid has already built at the age of 25 remains a cherished dream for millions in the world. One can hardly imagine what incredible heights the fashion model has achieved becoming overall-recognized.

Hadid doesn’t think twice before posting photos of her in rather piquant and revealing outfits leaving her followers speechless. She really loves demonstrating her slender and stunning figure to the entire world.

The first outfit the legendary model appeared in was in black fabrics intertwined with each other that perfectly emphasized Hadid’s dream body.

What concerns the second one, it was much spicier and more revealing than the first one. Bella appeared in a mesh transparent top and some of her private places were seen.

As for the hairstyle, the stylists found it appropriate to show her natural hair for her first image, and gave the preference to a long blond wig for the second one.

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