«Making Halloween treats with the cocos»: No one took their eyes off Lopez while she was getting ready for Halloween  

Lopez celebrating Halloween with her family is something you have never seen!

Almost everyone happily celebrated Halloween and successful, popular and outstanding American singer J. Lopez wasn’t an exception. The well-known actress and performer was preparing for the Holiday cooking some sweets for her cute kids.

Having tied her gorgeous blonde hair, Lopez was in an attractive top and pants which perfectly emphasized the iconic star’s mind-blowing and simply ideal figure. No one could take their eyes off the 52-year-old singer’s seductive look and brightness.

The talented performer titled the video. «Made some Halloween treats with the cocos and (her photographer)». Interestingly enough, Lopez often calls her children «cocos».

Many couldn’t stop sincerely admiring the attractive look of the celebrity and were fascinated by her energy, charisma and enthusiasm.

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