«Lives his life to the fullest!»: This is how the cult star of the 1990s, 65-year-old Lundgren looks and lives today

Here is the 1990s’ actor, director and martial artist Dolph Lundgren after decades

Here is one of the distinguished and best-known actors, martial artists and directors of the 1990s who is best-remembered for his roles in «Rocky IV», «Red Scorpio» and «Universal Soldier». Though he is now 65, he lives quite an active life.

Although he may not be as popular and influential as he used to be, he is still adored by millions and is the biggest inspiration for his fans. He keeps claiming that his family, his beloved wife and two daughters are on the top list of priorities for him.

Lundgren holds the opinion that the family should constitute the most important thing in everybody’s life without exception. His wife is model E. Krokdal who helps the great man keep the balance between his drizzling career and family life.

For Dolph, it has been and will always be his family that will openly and unconditionally support him and be by his side no matter what.

It should be mentioned that he leads an active way of life and often donates money to support organizations working on violence and addiction.

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