«Literally no one is perfect»: Moore has recently been caught in a revealing two-piece bikini and faced harsh criticism

Only a few have seen actress Moore in a two-piece bikini without retouching and filters

Everyone is unquestionably delighted with all those «perfect» and retouched photos of outstanding actress D. Moore on social media. However, only a few have seen her in a revealing bikini without any filters and retouching.

The way the iconic film star’s appearance differed in real life from that of on social media didn’t let any single one remain indifferent. Many were quick to heavily criticize her leaving negative comments below.

In their turn, the loyal fans of  B. Willis’s ex-wife rushed to protect her claiming that it was the paparazzi’s blame that they caught her from the wrong angle.

What do you think of the current appearance of the well-known film star?

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