«Latex is for iconic women»: One of the highest-paid models impressed everyone with her look in a latex dress for Charlotte Tilbury

All the eyes were on the delicate look of supermodel Hadid in a latex skinny dress

The enchanting look of one of the highest-paid and iconic catwalk stars for Charlotte Tilbury advertisement in a delicate ivory latex dress with the effect of «a second skin» delighted everyone The gorgeous dress perfectly emphasized her stunning body.

There was a whole group of professional stylists, makeup artists and photographers around her who put all their effort on her image giving her more charm and ensuring that the supermodel looked flawless.

Her delicate makeup with peach blush and nude eyeshadows and lipstick definitely suited the celebrity who looked satisfied and «proud» of her gorgeous appearance.

«It really looks like a second skin», «Latex is for only iconic women», «It’s impossible to take my eyes off this rare beauty», «She is the hottest on Earth».

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