«Is it maturity or plastic surgeries?»: These legendary Hollywood stars are believed to have gained more charm over years

Here are world-class celebrities who now look more attractive than in their 20s

There is no need to say everyone wants to retain their beautiful and young appearance as long as possible. The perception of beauty is defined differently. Glowing skin, the absence of wrinkles, a slender figure and oval face are in general considered beautiful.

J. Lopez

There is no question that one of today’s most successful and outstanding performers J. Lopez was an attractive girl in youth too, however, many are convinced that she looks much better now with blond hair.

V. Beckham

Currently, one of the main trendsetters is fashion designer V. Beckham who never ceases to attract millions of male hearts worldwide. Over years, she got accustomed to more delicate makeup in nude shades and now looks more elegant and graceful.

D. Von Teese

Very few will remember that Von Teese once had blond hair and in her 20s she didn’t really stand out from the others with her charm and beauty. Finally finding her own style, Dita has short and dark hair now.

A. Jolie

Many would agree that the 45-year-old Hollywood actress and the world’s most beautiful woman still shines with her charm. She prefers discreet makeup. However surprising it might seem to our generation, Jolie once looked absolutely different.

J. Aniston

The way the «Friends» star looked before was appreciated by far not everyone. Aniston used to have dark hair and usually gave her preference to bright makeup. Now, one may say that her elegance knows no bounds.

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