«In pursuit of eternal youth»: Actress Courteney Cox from the sitcom «Friends» left everyone speechless with her appearance

You all will be surprised when you see what Monica from «Friends» looks like now

The visitors of the Horses restaurant have recently become the stars of the popular comedy series – J. Aniston, C. Cox and J. Kimmel. It should be mentioned that the appearance of Monica from «Friends» soon became the subject of heated discussions.

Once the outstanding actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she shared her experience working on the movie «Scream 6» and also some details of her personal life. Few knew that her father wanted to persuade her to stop working on the film.

Her protruding cheekbones and flowing skin devoid of any flaws and age-related changes make us believe that it’s all the desirable results of plastic surgeons’ work.

According to reliable sources, she underwent blepharoplasty, midface and lower facial lifts, a forehead lift and, perhaps, lipofilling.

Once she confessed that she was not going to stop her rejuvenating procedures.

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