«Her age is already showing itself»: Even at 59, actress Moore doesn’t miss a chance to show off her stunning body

Moore tries to retain her youth and beauty, but her bikini betrayed her real age 🤔🧐

Successful, graceful and outstanding actress Demi Moore has recently been spotted on vacation in Greece. The legendary film star didn’t miss a chance to show off her dream body.

The 59-year-old celebrity was wearing a tiny pink two-piece bikini while sailing across the Greek Islands. She left absolutely everyone speechless with her stunning body. Interestingly, Moore wore no makeup and let her lush brunette hair loose.

The iconic star of «Ghost» doesn’t forget to regularly apply sunscreen to protect her skin from radiation while lounging in extreme heat. What is more, she took her dog named Pilaf to her fascinating voyage.

Moore rushed to inform her followers about her vacation and that she was «soaking up the summer». B. Willis (Moore’s ex-husband) and his current wife E. Heming left a comment as well. «You’re such a gorgeous mother, my goodness».

It is worth mentioning that Moore has also launched her line of swimwear with Andie Swim in order to encourage ordinary women with different body shapes to always feel confident.

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