«Granny’s beauty didn’t pass on to her»: Exclusive photos of Hepburn’s granddaughter became the subject of heated discussions

You will be surprised to see what actress Hepburn’s granddaughter looks like now

The iconic star of the so-called «golden Hollywood» A. Hepburn was believed to be the embodiment of female beauty, gracefulness and elegance. However, many keep claiming that the unearthly beauty of the film star didn’t pass on to her descendants.

Here is the granddaughter of one of the most prominent and charming actresses of our time. The unique appearance of Emma was appreciated by far not everyone.

Only a year after the departure of her legendary grandmother, Emma Ferrer was born. It goes without saying that people started to compare the girl with her granny and, according to some opinions, Emma’s appearance leaves a lot to be desired.

It seems as if Emma didn’t inherit the charm and unearthly beauty of her grandmother and she can’t be distinguished by her style as well.

Meanwhile, the young girl is in pursuit of an acting career and is engaged in modeling too.

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