«Finally smiles, but not with his wife!»: The way Lopez’s husband looked next to his mother was a big surprise for the fans

Recent paparazzi photos show «the saddest husband» Affleck who finally cheered up

The sad and indifferent look of B. Affleck next to his wife has become a popular meme on social media. Many thought it was simply his typical face expression, yet the man has recently been spotted sincerely smiling and laughing with his mother.

His somehow detached appearance next to his partner has become the subject of heated discussions and some were sure that the family had scandals and disagreements. To many, it seemed as if Affleck was «forced» to accompany his wife.

However, the joyful and relaxed look of Lopez’s husband next to his mother Chris was a great surprise for everyone. His stylish look in a beige sweater, a bright sweatshirt and gray jeans was appreciated by many.

Affleck, as a real gentleman, chose to carry his mother’s heavy bag for her. He smiled even more once noticing the paparazzi nearby.

«Does he know what a smile is? I’m surprised!», «Mood of the day – him», «One is always happier being next to the mom», «Why doesn’t he smile or laugh next to his wife?».

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