«Far not everyone would dare»: This is how the heroic woman who became a mother at 66 lives and looks now

At her 66 this woman became a mother of a healthy baby and here they are now

Meet A. Iliescru who managed to greatly surprise the entire world with her heroic act of giving birth to a baby at 66. It was her desire and cherished dream to feel the delights of motherhood and it eventually came true.

All her life she was actively engaged in science and was devoted to her profession. Though Adriana was married, she always dreamed of becoming a mother. The whole thing is that her husband flatly refused to have children.

And later at her 66 she clearly realized that it was time to make her cherished dream come true. It stands to reason that her age wouldn’t let her get pregnant naturally, so she could do nothing but turn to IVF procedure.

Several failed attempts failed to break her and she still didn’t give up and chose to continue trying. However surprising it might seem, after nine months a healthy baby was born whom she named Eliza.

It goes without saying that she lacks no attention since no one could remain indifferent when they learn that Adriana is actually her mother, not her grandmother.

Most importantly, she regrets nothing and now has a dream to see her grandchildren.

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