«Delon in a female form»: No one can take their eyes off the indescribably beautiful granddaughter of actor Alain Delon

This is what a unique beauty iconic actor Alain Delon’s granddaughter has become

A great number of female viewers couldn’t remain indifferent towards this iconic, charismatic and handsome actor who attracted millions both with his appearance and brilliant acting skills. Despite being adored by many, he married Natalie Barthelemy.

The woman gave birth to his only heir Anthony Delon.

However, shortly after the birth of their son, the spouses couldn’t keep the family and divorced when Anthony was only 5. As a teenager, he was included in «bad guys» and was addicted to illegal things. Though, he managed to pull himself together.

Everyone would completely agree that Anthony inherited the best from his parents and possesses such appearance that only few can resist and not to fall in love. He has had three children– Liv, Lou and Alyson (the illegitimate child).

Alyson was born during his relationship with Crazy House cabaret dancer Marie-Helene Le Borge. Once Anthony was informed that she was pregnant, he immediately ran away and refused to take any part in his daughter’s upbringing.

Believe it or not, the man first met his heiress only 11 years later. And, as we can clearly see from the following photos, Alyson’s resemblance to her father is simply incredible.

Already at 14, Alyson appeared on the cover of famous magazines and brilliantly participated in various fashion shows. No photographer could remain silent and not to remind her of their striking resemblance.

Soon, Alyson successfully became the face of some popular brands. It is also relevant to mention that she has taken part in a couple of films as well. However, very little is known about the young girl.

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