«Curly Sue in the 1990s and now»: This is how actress Alisan Porter well-known for her role in «Curly Sue» has changed

The way the little cutie from the 1990s’ film «Curly Sue» looks delighted everyone

It would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t ever watched the popular movie «Curly Sue» which was the last film project of the well-known director D. Hughes. The little cutie who starred in the movie was only 10 at that time.

Since the age of 5, actress A. Porter has brilliantly taken part in the show business and various TV shows. What is more, in one popular talent show, she was able to become the best young vocalist delighting everyone with her skills and great talent.

Many have been wondering how the popular actress has changed since then and this is how Curly Sue looks today who will soon turn 40.

It should be mentioned that Alisan has recently become the well-deserved winner of the tenth season of the famous TV project The Voice.

What is more, Porter is also a loving wife and a devoted mother of two absolutely adorable kids – daughter Aria and son Mason. What concerns her heiress, she is truly fond of attention and often completes her outfits with luxurious jewelry.

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