«Craves for passionate kisses at 76»: The scandalous appearance of Cher and her chosen one left the public speechless

Cher, 76, proudly shows off her diamond ring and discloses her new chosen one

No one would deny that even at 76, the cult performer has a slender and attractive body and is now enjoying her life to the fullest with her new lover. They don’t see anything bad in their big age difference.  The musician is almost 40 years younger.

Their recent appearance in Los Angeles made a splash on social media. The legendary singer was dressed in a tight-fitted outfit completing her look with a matching glamorous jacket. Her fiancé was in total black and couldn’t take his eyes off her.

The well-known singer proudly demonstrated her massive engagement ring that her boyfriend has probably proposed to her with. Recent paparazzi photos show her in a parking lot accompanied with her assistant.

Their romantic relationship became known in November and the non-standard couple is still inseparable. Cher keeps claiming that Alexander is hers and that they are madly in love.

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