At the age of six she received the status of the most beautiful girl in the world; now she looks prettier!  

She hasn’t lost her beauty!

 You have probably known Tilan Blondeau, who became the world’s most beautiful girl at the age of six. You can’t stop watching her photos because they are really stunning.

Now we present to you her story and how she looks now.

She was born in 2001 in a wealthy family.

Tilan first appeared in front of an audience at the age of 4 and since then she started her modeling career.

From a very young age, Tilan began to collaborate with many luxury brands such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, L’Oréal Paris and Lacoste. Her photos appeared in famous magazines, she was invited to many shows and programs. Everyone was attracted by her beauty.

In 2018, the French girl again blew up the whole internet with her appearance and this time she appeared in front of her fans not as a young model, but a feminine young girl.

Now she is the most beautiful girl on the planet.

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