At the age of 11, she gave birth to her first child, then their family expanded

Still a child, but a mother of three

This girl grew up with her granny, because she didn’t have parents. They live in the same apartment, which later was rented by 19 years old Habib.

The youngsters started a relationship and short after their first meeting, the girl became pregnant. Luckily, the guy didn’t abandon the future mother and took a responsibility for his action.

At the age of 11, the girl gave birth to her first child. They had a daughter. Then the young mother graduated from the 9th grade and began to attend college.

In 2013, she was already a mother of two children. The second one was a boy.

Several years later, when the couple wanted to break up, they were informed that the girl was pregnant again.

Now the young father works hard and earns money for his family.

The girl gave birth by Caesarean section, because doctors thought that she couldn’t give birth on her own.

Although the couple loves each other and lives happily, the guy’s relatives don’t accept his wife and search for a new bride for him.

And they also believe that those children are not his.

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