«Another attention seeker»: The scandalous look of model Winnie Harlow in a sheer revealing dress drew everyone’s attention

Model Winnie Harlow broke the rules and came to a wedding in a see-through dress

Although our society has become more tolerant than it has ever been, there are some «rules» that should be, anyway, obeyed by everyone. If we take the dress code at weddings, then no one is expected to outshine the bride or attract overall attention.

In some cases, the newlyweds ask their guests to dress up in a particular way so as not to appear in an awkward situation. However, even if they don’t say anything in advance, one should know the limits.

It goes without saying that guests shouldn’t wear white dresses so as not to outshine the bride on her special day. What is more, they aren’t supposed to come in too revealing outfits. Yet, supermodel W. Harlow broke all the rules this time.

There is no denying that Winnie possesses a bright appearance and a stunning body, yet her seductive mini dress wasn’t appreciated by everyone.

No one could take their eyes off the extravagant outfit of the supermodel who came to the wedding of Lele Pons and rapper Guaynaa. The daring dress was so short that everything was clearly seen.

Whereas, judging by these photos, the bride didn’t mind that her friend drew everyone’s attention there.

However, far not everyone on social media found her revealing outfit appropriate for a wedding.

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