«Aging is not a threat for this beauty!»: This is how cult American movie star of the 1990s MacDowell looks and lives today

The way the 1990s’ legendary star MacDowell has changed over the years was a big surprise

Meet this well-known, outstanding and charismatic actress and fashion model of the 1990s Rosalie Anderson MacDowell who has gained overall fame after her legendary roles in a number of dramas and romantic comedies.

One may say that she is best remembered for her leading role in «Groundhog Day» where she didn’t let the directors and the viewers remain indifferent towards her indescribable beauty. Now, her popularity has almost disappeared.

The prime of her drizzling career was in the 1990s and it stands to reason that over years she has undergone some age-related changes. Now, at her 64, her hair has completely gone gray and there are some deep wrinkles on her face.

What do you think of the iconic 1990s’ star’s current appearance?


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