«Aging is a choice»: This non-standard 93-year-old grandmother enjoys her life to the fullest and is not afraid of criticism

In a bikini and with bright makeup, this amazing granny at 93 breaks all the stereotypes

However hard it may be to believe, this stylish and charming woman is already 93 who, breaking all the rules and stereotypes accepted by society, fully enjoys her life and often leaves everyone speechless with her bright and rather revealing outfits.

Her energy, charisma and non-standard granny actively runs her social media and periodically amazes everyone with her liveliness, enthusiasm and unique lifestyle.

This is how the netizens reacted to her recent photos. «Keep going! You look amazing!», «I can’t stop admiring this amazing woman», «Wow! I can’t believe my eyes», «How is it possible to look even livelier than most teenagers today».

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