«Aged look and lack of charm»: The way actress Goldie Hawn looks in a bikini on vacation became the subject of heated discussions

The rare vacation photos of 76-year-old Hawn in a swimsuit left the fans speechless

Charming, brilliant and overall-recognized actress Goldie Hawn and her common-law spouse Kurt Russell have been in a relationship for already a long time without the stamp in their passports. It is hard to believe Hawn is already 76 and Russell is 71.

There is no need to say that the legendary couple is always in the spotlight of paparazzi and, recently, the incredibly talented actress’s new vacation photos have appeared on the web leaving absolutely everyone speechless.

The exemplary spouses’ vacation photos immediately went viral and some even started to condemn the paparazzi for being irrelevant and behaving in an indecent way.

The aged, unenthusiastic look and sagging skin of the prominent actress weren’t unnoticed by her fans. It was quite apparent that time has been merciless towards Hawn whose charm and elasticity have been eroded over the years.

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