After the baby’s birth, the parents had to buy new clothes for him  

What a «big» surprise!

Nicolina Newcomb gave birth to a huge baby. She was amazed by the fact, because neither her nor her husband is tall and big in size. The newborn boy looked like a three months old baby and weighed almost 6 kg.

It was so surprising for the woman, because her first child was born just 1.9 kilograms, so she was sure that the second one would have the same fortune. But the baby wanted to be different.

When she was pregnant, Nikolina didn’t have an ultrasound scan, so she was unaware of both the gender and the size of the baby.

If they knew that the baby was overweight, the doctors would plan a cesarean section. However, everything passed great and the woman managed to give birth to him.

They named the baby Tobias. The parents were so thankful to the whole staff of the hospital to be kind and caring towards them.

Although the parents had to buy new clothes, they were overjoyed to have such a healthy and sweet child.

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