«A sharp weight gain – huge thighs and a swollen face»: The way Lana Del Rey has changed surprised everyone

The fans hardly believed that the chubby woman in these photos was their favorite singer

Recent paparazzi photos show the 36-year-old singer who has lately gained 10 kilos the reason for which is still unknown. The huge thighs and belly of the outstanding performer left every single one speechless.

Many hardly could believe that the chubby woman here was the iconic singer who changed beyond recognition. «What is wrong with her?», «I can’t believe my own eyes», «Is everything okay with her?».

The opinions of the netizens were again divided. Some rushed to praise and sincerely admire the talented singer. The others went «Are you kidding me?», «I remembered her look entirely different», «Where is her toned and slender body?».

Did you easily recognize the popular singer? Has she changed a lot in your eyes?

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